Dylan Ratigan

Dylan Ratigan is an award winning journalist and NY-Times BestSelling author dedicated to investing in, advising and promoting businesses with clear solutions to critical issues and empowering people to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

In 2012, he left a 9-year career as an an anchor and show creator NBC Universal to co-found Helical Holdings, a business focused on integrating solar, water, communication and hydroponic farming into globally deployable farming kits called “Helical Outposts”

As the former Global Managing Editor for Corporate Finance at Bloomberg, Ratigan dedicates his journalism, investment and expertise to cultivating independent minded investment, cutting edge software, distributed resources and ease of movement for people around the world are the foundation of cultivating the opportunity to make the world more resilient, adaptable, mobile, free and flexible.

He is an investor and/or advisor at Tastytrade, Hotel Planner, Epiphany and SOIL Funds because each enterprise helps advance one or all of those values.

His NY-Times best selling book “Greedy Bastards” highlights the opportunities and solutions needed to reduce the risk created by the rigid and extreme culture that has emerged in business and government in reaction to the incredible rate of change at every level of society.

In 2018, he ran for US Congress on a platform of government reform, advocating rank voting, redistricting and donor caps to reduce political extremism and character assassination as the foundation of American politics. He finished second in the Democratic Party Primary in New York’s 21st Congressional District.